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Solomon Walker is a professional Canadian Artist and Photographer, living in the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Toronto, Ontario. He is the Founder/CEO of the Museum Of Digital Fine Arts (MODFA), a unique projects supporting Digital Arts, Artists and Photographers.


Solomon has been drawing and painting since the age of 11. His formal artistic education started with public and technical schooling, workshops and personal tutorship. He was taught by some of the best art teachers in Ontario Canada. His specialized training included painting, drawing, anatomy, sculpture, portraiture, graphics design, print making, illustration, computer graphics, typography, fashion design, photography and videography and wood carving.


Throughout the years, Solomon extended education and work into business, law, motion pictures and computers. And, as a business entrepreneur, he worked in sales, marketing, publishing and management, going on to own and operate a bookstore, a magazine editor and publisher, a retail clothing store, and computers/electronics stores in the city of Toronto. During this period, Solomon kept busy artistically by drawing and doodling in notebooks all sort of inspirational ideas, and also by writing poetry. All of which would serve him well later.


During the 90’s Solomon explored various ways to produce new and original fine art, but mainly with traditional tools and techniques. It wasn’t until the mid and late 90’s that he found the answer when he was introduced to Photoshop, Corel Draw and other digital graphics software and art. He was immediately taken by them all and soon realized that this was the ideal modern medium which he was searching for to express his creative visions. So, over months and endless hours in front of the computer screen, he refined his digital education skills, rendering new and unique pieces of art that really satisfied his senses.


Today, Solomon says that he creates new fine art and images from emotions and various cultural philosophies. He is influenced and is inspired by various aspects of life, of living, plus a whole host of everyday issues. His artistic style and techniques are clearly inspired by classic realism, modern abstract expressionism, cubism, conceptual, dadaism, plus other movements in art, from the ancient times to the contemporary. He works mainly in the digital format on computer canvases, and likes to produce work in a mix of abstracts and conceptual forms, arriving at a final look that is truly unique and his own. And, when working with the camera he prefers to produce images in Black & White, covering landscape, nature and urban views.


Solomon has participated in various local and international art and photo events, and has been awarded for is creative vision. His work is sold through various online galleries and is bought and collected by buyers from across the globe.

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