Karina Zimerer,Amazons, Brazil
Doctors without borders


Title: Janete Santos

This young woman have had her photos taken for the first time in her life.

well, the location of the photo of Janet is the city of Macapa, is in the state of Amapá, north of Brazil. The city is cut by an imaginary line from the equator, so it is the one that is located in two hemispheres.

The Jane is a young 15 years of a very poor family. When she was little her mother gave handed a other family.Depois she returned home, and again was left in another home.

My parents live here in this town that I am now (Macapa). So Janet will live in my house to study and have a more traquila. (She dreams of being a doctor in the future)

Speak Nova Dawn, Copenhagen, Denmark



Karina Zimerer, Photographer from Amazons, Brazil

Even a slow internett connection could not stop her from donating the beautiful pictures of Janete.


I see life as akaleidoscope: at each small movement a new image and unforeseen perceptions.

So I keep going,photographing dreams, daydreams, and being a hostage of my unconscious images.

With a free soul, Iaccept the challenge of writing feelings with light and delineating deepmeanings.

The freedom I amtalking about is the one to create, to make instinctive choices and to tellstories through photography.

I will be an eternalapprentice of the photographic techniques, and an eternal rebel breaking them

(Karina Zimerer)


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