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RICHARD SISK Productions began in 1974 in Los Angeles with the production of an independent documentary film on the subject of lasers, fiber optics and communication. The film explored the future uses of these new technologies and envisioned the coming of the Information Age, when people would “Communicate to work”. That particular phrase was spoken by Dr. John Pierce during a filmed segment where he anticipated the future that we all experience today. The film was photographed on Eastman Kodak color 16mm film stock and was printed at Deluxe Laboratories in Hollywood.

Richard Sisk is also a respected panoramic photographer. His iconic city skylines and landscapes have become popular with art directors and fine-art photography collectors. Here is a quote from Richard’s artist statement:

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“I have specialized in panoramic city skylines and landscapes over the the past twenty years. The journey has been an intriguing one and has taken me all around North America. I have visited many important historic sites and most of our magnificent cities and have been impressed by the kindness and helpful spirit of the people I encountered along the way.”


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