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About myself

I always try to imagine how I would like it to appear in the final image. I will start by making a picture in mind, but rarely will it become one of my favorite pictures of the subject. As I photograph, I will experiment and try to capture the subject from multiple perspectives and with different lighting conditions. Suddenly there was a turning in my life when my application for Sub-Editor post at The Asia! Mag was approved.

Me, Sumeet Shakya born in Mid April of 1983 is purely Sagittarian, did schooling from Little Angels’ School and educated till graduation in Business Studies.  People say that I have a good foresight-ness and have wide knowledge on many different things. Thus I am very flexible and liberal to work with people from any ages. I had travelled across many rural regions of Nepal as well as India, Japan, Thailand, Laos.

Since my childhood, my maternal uncle (Min Bajracharya) used to show me his published-photos and I used to be fascinated with his career and personality prospects. As I wasn’t strongly influenced to be a photojournalist after normal study I got indulged into family business. But, in 2005, one of my friends took me to a Photography Workshop Training which was facilitated by Sarad Rai, photography genius. Very soon, digital cameras came to rule the world and I got my first camera. And after indulging more and more into photography, I found some exposure and opportunities problems for Nepalese so went to established Image School (now The Image Park) a photography promoting platform with bi-monthly photo challenge which was quite good experiment. Currently, our office is at NewRoad and it organizes various activities to promote raw and established photographers. Slowly, this platform gave a peculiar turning into my life as a photographer, photo-entrepreneur as well as writer.

Currently, I am father of a 2 years baby girl, Uppalavna and I am quite proud to say that my wife, Anu was the inspiration for letting me join Sarad Rai’s Photography Workshop.

My co-workers and students say that I am very resourceful and eager to help out everybody. And, I am always keen on taking on more work by leaving less work for my peers. And, I love to discover new skills and as a result my employees/students are happy. I am just and fair nature comes in handy when in positions of leadership where decisions have to be made. And, I am quite acquainted with media and journalism rules and ethics too.


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