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AlcaláLa Real(Jaén, Spain), 1957. PhD in Fine Arts (1988) and Professor at the Fine Arts Faculty of Valencia Polytechnic University (since 1989). Scholarship won in the competition held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Spanish Academy in Rome in 1982 and 1983. Director of Metrovalencia Company’s fine arts trainee programme (2007). Vice-director of Culture at the Drawing Department of the Fine Arts Faculty (2008).

She has been granted several awards, especially the Second National Award for Engraving in Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia) in 1980; First Prize of Fundación Roig (Engraving) in Valencia in 1981 and the 28th Senyera Award for Engraving by Valencia Council in 1986. A diploma and Olympic medal at Beijing 2008 at the exhibition Olympic Fine Arts.

She has lived and worked in Valencia (Spain) since 1978 and her artistic work focuses on the subjects of energy, wind conductors, fluids, transitions, etc. Her painting series have been titled Horizonte de Sucesos (Horizon of Events) and Diálogo de Sucesos (Dialogue of Events), where polyptichs and light express different levels of communication. Dialogues between images, traces and metaphors, where man and nature are at the same time matter undergoing a process of infinite change. Other series are Preposiciones de Energía (Prepositions of Energy), Entre Líneas (Between the Lines), Laberintos de Identidad (Labyrinths of Identity), El color de la huella (The Colour of the Trace) and El perfil humano (The Human Profile), where colour, texture and line express an anthropomorphic nature.

Among her solo exhibitions, it is worth mentioning especially those held in Valencia, Galería Nave 10 (1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 2004); in Rome De´Florio Arte (1995); in Venice Priugli agli Scalzi; Galeria San Placido (Catania); Galería Novart (Madrid); in Montevideo (Uruguay), Museo Torres García, (1996); in 1998, Galeria Ciovasso (Milan); Arte delle Muse, De´Florio Arte (Roma); Galeria Rettori Tribio (Trieste):La Galeria(Pordenone); in 1999, Museo dela Ciudadde Valencia and the Diputación Provincial of Jaén. In 2002 Palau dela Música, Valencia. Hotel Central Park, Rome. ICAV and Palacio de Colomina. In 2004, CEU San Pablo. In 2005, Colón Underground Station in Valencia. In 2006 Jaén University.

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