Mary C. Legg, Praque
Doctors without borders

Music kindly sponsored by Italian composer Iyv Gryn


My friend Mary C. Legg, Praque

Did this great donation – allthough she have to struggle for her daily living, just to stay alive.


I began shooting insects because I couldn’t walk. I could crawl across the street and sit in the grass. The camera came with a macro lens and with a macro lens, you have the universe in a very small place. I was reviewing Nabokov’s memoir, “Speak Memory,”  and he spoke  of his father’s collection and his love for the little blue butterflies.  Because of this, I was determined to discover the world of Nabokov’s blue butterflies. The camera taught me to see and helped me regain mobility. It gave  me  world in a very small place and brought beauty into my life of acute emotional and physical pain. I believe in butterflies.

Word from the founder 10th of May 2013:

I received bad news from Mary today, her living is becoming more hard from today – all her assets have been blocked by the government, nothing to live for except for what she can gain from sales of photography.


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