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Jens Hauser, Sweden









Jens Hauser lives in Helsingborg, Sweden, but was born and raised just outside Stockholm. During different periods he has lived in England, Kenya and Tanzania. It was during the time in Kenya, and travels about East Africa, that he developed a profound interest in anthropology, wildlife and photography. When he is not photographing Jens works as a Test Manager.

His latest travels will result in a non-profit book that will not only include his own pictures but also facts about the four different Panthera cats: lion, tiger, jaguar and leopard: Where these cats live, their population and habitat, together with information about their diminishing numbers over time.

The book is written from a positive perspective and highlights what can be done to help the animal population to survive. This side of the matter is utterly important. By helping and saving the large Panthera cats from extinction local communities are most often able to benefit and prosper. At the same time this will have a major conservation impact and assist preserving the biological diversity of a large variety of plants, trees, water and animals.

Many people are discouraged by the current outcome and consider it too late to take steps. This is far from being true, and we, the ordinary man/woman need to wake up and start changing our behaviour right away.

Better to do little than do nothing at all.

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