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My name is Ericka Vanessa Lopez Sanchez (my Van K Bazaldúa artistic name) I was born in Mexico City. I finished the Bachelor of Philosophy (UNAM). And although I always interested the Arts and all that surrounds him throughout the race my emphasis has been linked to the Aesthetic Theory. However, I had a health problem that suddenly came to change my perspective. Always let my reason prevail over my heart and this event led me to reconnect with art and not only from theory but from practice through photography.

I believe that photography is not only aesthetic ambit, is ethical and social. Through it, it captures the construction and evolution of the vulnerable reality. I intend to engage through my photographic work possible critical dialogue. The protagonists of my photographs have a special ontological dimension, anthropological leave traces of its own essence. The reason these items are actually overturned on a subjective interpretation. I want to make poetic visual constructions of everyday life. That is, try to establish a cross between reality, thought and action. An emphasis on critical thinking, open spaces for discussion of human life, not to stifle the thought or poetry refuses.

I believe that philosophy allows interdisciplinary crossings interesting, without being limited in one area of ​​knowledge. So, to address an issue in my artistic work, I like to make interdisciplinary crossings. I use both analog or digital camera and pinhole, while the combination of different photography techniques that help me experience. Working as a photographer and creator of both visual and written content (Freelance) I am a teacher of Photography, Social Media and Personal Branding in different institutions.

I currently live in Mexico, but usually travel where required my services.




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