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My name is Erica Lanham, and I’m currently a married, 25 year old homemaker and mother of 2 children.
Photography is one of my most beloved hobbies. My fondness for the art began developing when I enrolled in a photography class during high-school, and though I have no other formal training, I’ve been practicing independently for at least 5 years. The most prominent inspiration for my work is the beauty I see in nature, but I enjoy shooting an array of subjects, including people, animals, and landscapes. If I’m able to bring a smile to a single face with any of the images I’m able to capture, I consider my work a job well done.
I’ve decided to contribute some of my images to the WPDWA project, in hopes that they will help benefit the Doctors Without Borders charity organization and, in doing so, bring aid to people around the world who need it most. My initial contribution will be a meager one, but I hope to share more of my work with you as I continue to grow and capture new images. In the meantime, more of my photos can be viewed at .



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