Ivy Gryn – Italian composer and musician


Ivy Gryn, Italian composer and musician has donated beautiful pieces of music to WPDWA used for background music in slideshows , etc.

Thank you so much for your trust in me and the WPDWA project - Your friend Jørn Berg Lund, Founder of WPDWA - Copenhagen, Denmark
Listen to her music here:

https://youtu.be/jTBR0mLv4VU ,
https://youtu.be/iiY4sYC7650 ,
https://youtu.be/-mRr36UUdRQ ,
https://youtu.be/te2nIECvCaw ,
https://youtu.be/WOieGeyWN28 ,
https://youtu.be/TJVOrO0wCTw ,

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