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Jeanette Stevensson is a very dear friend of mine, trusting the project, donated this great gift for the WPDWA – thank my friend

I seek beauty beyond traditional composition through layering photographs. Finding the aesthetic arrangement of multiple disparate shots can be as compositionally challenging as solving a daunting mathematical formula. Computation aside, my work is an ecstasy. Time is suspended as I revolve in flight with my work above the known realm. Of the created world’s fallen fragments I shoot photographs that will merge with familiar, pristine expressions of nature: sheet metal, burnished by time and exposure may feature an overlay of flower petals; a crushed litter of glass in explosive bloom might later meld with a languid pastel sky or submerge into pond water, serene, reflective… I usually wield 18, 23 or so, on up to 47 or more transparencies within a piece to create my Photographic Montages. Light may shine through the layered structures to reveal small triumphant motifs gleaming like sunstruck riverbottom agates glimpsed through a tree shadowed stream; extravagant central motifs may appear to float on air… The quality of “Environmental” -in post-apocalyptic vein-is both armature and weld to my work. Resolved, earthbound, new artwork extends -by mere virtue of its existence- a simple invitation to notice, perhaps enjoy.


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