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Photos donated:

During that period in which WPDWA running auctions for the sale of donated images, the images may not be sold elsewhere.

This means that copyrights remain with the photographer donating, provided that the photographer do not sell the picture anywhere else while WPDWA disseminates it for sale online or at an online auction.

How to donate photos – one or more:

Please use wetransfer.com to send your files, its free for personal use up to 2 GB files  – min. filesize is 4MB full resolution – or bigger, Tiff/Jpeg are accepted, in format 3:2 – please put a self-portrait in format 226×225 PX along, and a short biography.

Alternative you can use this email address to send files to jblund@wpdwa.org

What is WPDWA – World Photographers Donation for World Aid:

WPDWA started in February 2012 – from my love to pictures and stories told through pictures. I planned that – if photographers around the world could collect sums for charity organizations – through sales of donated pictures in online sales, or at online auctions – we would make a difference.

WPDWA is a registered Charity collector – DK CVR Number is 34172781

WPDWA Address is: WPDWA – World Photographers Donation for World Aid, c/o Jørn Berg Lund, Panumsvej 17, 2500 Valby, Denmark


Transfer of Copyrights rights is obviously a cause for hesitation among photographers who want to donate a picture to WPDWA.

I have therefore reconsidered the requirement for transfer of copyright rights in connection with donations of pictures to WDWA.

The photographers retain copyrights to all donated pictures, but during the period when WPDWA seek them sold through online auctions / online sales – do photographers do not put them up for sale elsewhere if they are displayed in other places eg. on your own website, facebook, other photo websites than on WPDWA must be linked to WPDWA as sales continue going through WPDWA.

The basic idea behind WPDWA – is to receive donations in the form of images and search them sold through online auctions, online sales – in favor of charity and relief organizations around the world.

There is, therefore, no doubt that it is WPDWA solely responsible for the sale of the donated images.

It is still possible to assign the copyrights of the donated images so that all rights belong WPDWA.


Of the collected funds obtained through the sale of donated images on WPDWA Auctions funds will be distributed as follows:

Administration 5%,

20.0% to cost of sales and collection,

56.00% for Internationally funded projects,

19.00% to Nationally funded projects.

We are registered Charity Collector – DK -CVR 34172781



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