By 16. August 2018 – The Story is over






From Founder Jørn Berg Lund

The WPDWA – World Photographers Donation for World Aid is about to end middle of August 2018.

The project have been possible with help from you world photographers around the world. Through the work with WPDWA I have been connected with many great photographers and have heard many great stories.

My goal with the WPDWA was raising funding for the MSF – Medicines Sans Frontiers for their work in wars, crisis, refugees and most recently for the South Sudan, where millions of people runs from the terror of war.

Since 2012 – WPDWA have raised more than 30.000,00 Dkk – by sales of donated images – probably not the biggest donation MSF ever received – but anyway – it is given by the heart of you my friends – and without your contribution of images it had been nothing.


So from my heart – I thank you so much for your trust in me and the project.

If any of you photographers wants to run the WPDWA in future – pleases let me know in good time before mid August.


Best regards Jørn Berg Lund

Founder WPDWA


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