Founder and project leader 

Jørn Berg Lund started this project February 2012.

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I’m proud to announce the sales of donated pictures from Photographers, amateurs and professionals, from around the world. This project is started from the love for the photos and stories told through photos.. and the idea of that every people once in life have seen a photo and want it to look at more than once.

I hope many companies, individuals, organizations will enter the WPDWA Auctions and make contribution for charity and aid organizations around the globe.

Funding will be distrubuted according to the diclaimer Charity and Organizations 

I can assure you dear visitor, that the photos in WPDWA will be produced in the highest Quality by the Danish Print Lab Illux.dk

I am not certain the number of photographs which will be Donated at this time, not even sure on how many countries who are going to be represented in here.

For this special project photographers around the world they gave their best photos and  some gave full copyrights transferral as their contribution.

There has never been an auction like this and it is for you an once in a life time, unique opportunity to get the photo you like for a low price in the format of your choice.

As I said before you can choose out of many fantastic photos from photographers around the world in different formats and you are even supporting one of the following good projects…….

Projects supported by WPDWA

So maybe you have the photo of your choice in a few weeks hanging on your wall and you help me to realize my dream.


Objectives and how we reach the goal !

To collect  fundings for charity organizations and aid organizations, through the sales of photo donated by world photographers, amateurs and proffesionals.

Through ww.500px.com project has already received about 600 photographers who have offered to donate one or more images and transferred their copyrights to the  WPDWA – World photographers Donation for World Aid.

My wish is that there are at least 3000 photographers from all over the world, amateurs and professionals, who will support this project, throug online auctions/sales.

I’m in need for cooperates support in form of printaid, prizes, fundings !.

Ask how you can help this project by email:  jblund@wpdwa.org

My efforts and work on this project is non-profit, but would appreciate  donations to operate in connection with this project.

I have been asked this question “ What do you earn by doing all this work

I replied honestly ” Nothing, at first – but on the long run – I do hope that my initiative and drive – would benefit in good network, where I maybe could reach out for a company – who can see – that they can benefit from my skills and initiative ” I’m running this project on low budget – and any support in form of donation for the above mentioned will be much apriciated.

Sincerely Founder and Project Manager Jørn Berg Lund WPDWA – World Photographers Donation for World Aid

We are registred Charity Collector – DK -CVR 34172781


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